Share the Night Vision Experience

The cost of seeing in the dark comes with a high cost of entry. There aren’t many people that have the capability to invest in night vision equipment. On top of that, there aren’t many opportunities for those interested in night vision to even try it out before buying. We provide night vision equipment rentals and provide a path for partners to flatten the steep barrier to entry into night vision equipment. Our core mission is to share the experience of being able to see in the dark.

Our equipment can be used in Wildlife Game Management, boating, predator hunting, horseback riding, stargazing, Milsim Events, private investigation, infrared light experiments, larping in your mom’s basement, television production, night fishing, hiking, camping, photography, and many more.

How did we get our start?

This started out as a joke….

R.L. and Dane had been lusting after night vision for a long time (seriously, why does no one pay for kidneys). While buying his house, R.L. was joking about taking night vision as a write-off. Then he started researching the tax code. Who would have thought that rentals can be depreciated fully their first year? That’s fancy speak for a tax break.

So while this started as a joke, it’s turned into a serious endeavor. We value seeing in the dark, having fun, and being entrepreneurial. Send Nods is dedicated to paving that way for others.

That’s why we at Send Nods chose the model of allowing you to rent your night vision to others. This enables you to take advantage of the same tax breaks* and income opportunities we get.

Further, since you would be renting from us, it made sense to be able to sell you your night vision as well. While we spent a significant amount of time choosing the right wholesaler (It only took 4 months – thanks R.L.), we went with a company that is known for quality, premier products, AND having their selection in stock. That’s why we chose Licentia Arms Co. as our wholesaler.

*Talk to your accountant about your taxes – don’t take random tax advice on the internet as legal code. Seriously – talk to your accountant first.

That said, expect to laugh uncontrollably when you are around us. In all seriousness, what’s more fun than seeing in the dark and pretending you’re some sort of ninja.

With much love – Kevin, Dane, and R.L.

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R.L. Shawver

R.L. is the incredibly analytical type with a heart of gold. He’s a family man and a diligent worker.

He’s the data guy and the vision guy. He’s a father of two wild and crazy boys, a published author, a passionate Constitutionalist, and a follower of Christ. He also likes laughing at really inappropriate things.

You can check out his social below, or his author page.

about us - Dane Taylor

Dane Taylor

Dane is a big picture guy who thinks details are for people like RL. He tries not to take life too seriously.

He’s a Christian, husband, father of 2, and unapologetic defender of our inalienable rights. He’s an engineer with focuses in design and polymer. He’s also a common source of inappropriate things that R.L. laughs at.

Dane is not social. Don’t feed him after midnight.

Kevin Vertucio

Kevin is a “jack-of-all-trades.” The man behind the website. He is currently experimenting with NODs and bow fishing.

He is calm-headed and polite, yet constantly going against the grain. He is raising his children to understand the significance of “We the People.” He doesn’t laugh at the inappropriate things, mostly because he doesn’t understand them.

Got questions? We might have answers.