Dual OMNI VII with Code4Defense Pano Bridge | URC Nightshoots


This rental is for Dual OMNI VII PVS14 Green Phosphor with Code4Defense Pano Bridge. If you need a helmet or mount, be sure to select those add-ons.

  • Fixed 58° field of view
  • No tools required for installation or adjustments
  • Lightweight durable design weighing only 2.8 Oz.
  • Low profile design reduces the possibility of snagging
  • Integrated bungee/tether attachment points
  • IPD (Interpupillary Distance) Stops


**This rental is for URC Night Shoots and SORD event**

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Code 4 Defense is proud to announce  the GEN 2 NVB-58 (Night Vision Bridge – 58° field of view). The NVB-58 was designed as a simple compact PVS-14 bridge that gives the user a fixed 58° field of view. This is a nearly 50% increase over the standard 40° field of view offered by other dual tube systems. Made with the latest additive manufacturing processes, the NVB-58 offers the end user with a lightweight, durable design.

Unlike other wide field of view, or “panoramic” bridge options on the market, the NVB-58 gets its field of view from a fixed angle in the attachment arms of the PVS-14s. This offers several benefits over creating an angle in the bridge of the device. First, a fixed angle requires very little in the way of adjustment for the end user. Simply place the device into your field of view, and you are good to go. This also means the device doesn’t suffer as much when accidently bumped against objects. The fixed angle also means that when you articulate the device out of your field of view it becomes parallel with the mount, reducing the risk of snags. When you stow the unit, the fixed angle tilts the front of the PVS-14 towards the centerline of your helmet to further reduce the chance of snags while limiting the overall profile for vehicle born operations.

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SORD Aug 17, 24


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