Team Wendy LTP Bump Helmet

The Team Wendy Exfil LTP (Lightweight, Tactical, Polymer) Bump Helmet is constructed from an extremely lightweight and durable polymer to provide lightweight non-ballistic protection. The polymer shell provides lightweight protection from non-ballistic threats and is a solid mounting platform for helmet mounted night vision devices. This Team Wendy bump helmet is usable in any environment including maritime applications.

The LTP Bump Helmet’s shell is a super high cut vented design for optimal comfort while retaining critical coverage. The vented shell increases airflow for better cooling during warm weather use. This super high cut design allows for helmet mounted ear protection to be easily added onto the helmet or worn underneath.

The Team Wendy Bump helmet features and integrated shroud with an aluminum shroud insert for added stability and ruggedness. The helmet also features a Zorbium foam liner along with a CAM FIT™ Retention System with easily adjustable Cam Lock sliders and a micro-adjustable BOA Fit System. The BOA retention system is the most comfortable and adjustable retention system on the market, allowing users to quickly find the most comfortable and secure fit.

In addition, the Team Wendy LTP Bump Helmet features the latest 3.0 rail system. The 3.0 rails are compatible with all standard EXFIL accessories and feature a picatinny rail section on each side for universal accessory mounting.

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