L3Harris PVS-31 Battery Pack Lead Time: Approx. 60 days


L3Harris PVS-31a Battery Pack

The L3Harris PVS-31 Battery Pack is a rugged & light weight glass-fill polymer battery pack designed to increase battery life using four lithium AA batteries. The PVS-31 battery pack extends operating time to 50 plus hours and can power the PVS-31a and GPNVG without the need for an onboard battery in the unit.

The PVS31 Battery Packs feature two built-in IR strobes for IFF and signaling. This feature is operated by an on / off switch on the bottom left of the pack. The L3harris PVS-31 battery pack is standard issue with the PVS-31a and BNVD-1531 systems. The PVS-31 battery pack is contoured to fit the curvature of most helmets and attaches to the rear of the helmet using hook velcro on the inside of the battery pack. This allows the battery pack to not only provide function as a power supply but double as a counterweight.

The L3Harris PVS-31 battery pack uses a QD cable that connects to the Fischer Connector on the device, and is compatible with the PVS-31 family, BNVD-1531, and dovetail variant of the GPNVG. This cable is 25″ in length and has two right-angle connectors for ease of use.

*Note: the BNVD connector will not work properly with LEMO connectors–in some cases the BNVD cable may provide power to the device, but is strongly discouraged, and may void device warranties.

Kit Includes:

  • L3Harris PVS-31 Battery Pack
  • 25″ BNVD power cable


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