Ops-Core FAST SF Carbon Helmet


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Ops-Core FAST SF Carbon Helmet

The Ops-Core FAST SF Carbon Helmet is constructed from an extremely lightweight and durable carbon composite to provide lightweight non-ballistic protection. The carbon composite shell provides excellent lightweight protection from non-ballistic threats such as blunt trauma. This Ops-Core carbon helmet is usable in any environment including maritime applications.

The SF Carbon Helmet’s shell is a super high cut vented design for optimal comfort while retaining critical coverage. The vented shell increases airflow for better cooling during warm weather use. This super high cut design allows for helmet mounted ear protection to be easily added onto the helmet.

Like the Ops-Core SF Ballistic Helmet, the SF Carbon features Ops-Core’s new Modular Bungee Shroud.  The Modular Bungee Shroud retains the bungees behind the shroud to cut down on snag hazards and interfere with articulating goggles. The bungees also feature closed loop clips for goggle retention.

The FAST SF Carbon Helmet features Ops-Core’s retention system and Vented Lux Liner. The Vented Lux Liner features a recessed channel for over the head headsets so users can put on and take off their helmet without removing their headset.

In addition, the FAST SF Carbon features the newly redesigned skeletonized arc rails. The skeletonized rails feature the same traditional mounting pattern, however, are 30% lighter than legacy rails and have increased tie down locations for cables and other added gear.

The Ops-Core SF Carbon integrates with all standard Ops-Core accessories such as AMP Communication Headsets, drop in visors, and other complimentary helmet accessories.

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